Old Style New Year

As you may know, there are different calendars in the world. Most of the countries use the Gregorian calendar, and we do so in Russia as well! But it was not always like that: before 1918 (before 1st February 1918 to be more precise) we used the Julian calendar which is kept on being used by the Russian Orthodox Church. Old Style New Year is 1st January in Julian calendar, which corresponds to 13 January in Gregorian calendar.

As Russians love to party, we keep considering Old Style New Year – 13 January – as a holiday. On this day, Russian TV is broadcasting many New Year and Christmas shows like “Little Blue Light” («Голубой огонёк» in Russian) and most of the people keep their Christmas tree until 13 January even though this is a working day!

Russian Nights in Switzerland follows this tradition. We organize New Year events attached to the Old Style New Year, where we invite Russian entertainers. We are making gala nights full of music, masquerade and a few nostalgic emotions!

Old Style New Year 2016

Old Style New Year 2016 teaser

Invitation to the event from Kvartet I

In 2016, our Old Style New Year took place on 30 January at the Opera of Lausanne. It was stylized as the famous Russian New Year show Little Blue Light («Голубой огонёк») and was hosted by the founders of a Russian theater Kvartet I: Rostislav Hait, Leonid Baratz, Kamil Larin and Alexander Demidov. Especially for our event, these renowned comedians had prepared a special Russian-Swiss edition of the humorous Incredible news.

Having spent an evening filled with laughter, guests continued the night in the company of the talented Light Music Band from Latvia, who played the hits of the latest two centuries, singing and dancing to their music.

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General sponsor of the event: Honorary Consulate of Russia in Lausanne under the leadership of the Honorary Consul Mr. Frederik Paulsen.





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