We are sincerely glad to welcome you on “Russian Nights in Switzerland” – designed to serve as a cultural bridge between Russians and Europeans living in Switzerland.

“Russian Nights in Switzerland” are for people who, whilst living far away from their home country, enjoy life’s diversity and lively communication, have great esteem for Russian culture and its traditions and appreciate the emotions triggered by the talent of world-class performers and creative show programs.

Russian Nights in Switzerland” aime to obtain new useful and pleasant contacts and strengthen existing ties. Intelligent , successful, non-ordinary representatives of two cultures – Russian and European – have a possibility of in depth communication being in the refined and comfortable atmosphere. To invite friends and partners, to meet new people, to get to enjoy Russian culture in all its multifaceted manifestations and to enjoy events in the best halls of heart of Europe – all this – “Russian Nights in Switzerland” – Zlata Smirnova, founder.

Zlata Smirnova
Zlata Smirnova is a head of Russian Nights events